Facebook Review Tab for GeoTheme

  • Type: Manual Code Insertion
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Time to apply: Between 5 and 15 min
  • Version:Works on all GeoTheme versions
  • Updated: October 1, 2013
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Enable businesses who list on your website to have a Tab on their Facebook page – this Tab shows any reviews they have recieved via your GeoTheme website and also enables Facebook users to add reviews via Facebook.

NOTE: You will need an SSL certificate for people using HTTPS to view facebook – otherwise they will see a blank page.

Email me sara @ babiesandtoddlers.com.au if you have any issues.

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31 Responses to Facebook Review Tab for GeoTheme

  1. Buyer
    ofthemind says:

    Do you have an example of how this looks on a Facebook page? Are the reviews counted according to GeoTheme’s inherent rating system, or is it separate?

  2. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    It looks like: http://www.facebook.com/BabiesandToddlers?sk=app_180974272009452 on facebook….

    Its exactly as it is on Geotheme.

  3. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    Very cool scamp! I did some pioneer work with fan pages when they first came out, but haven’t done much lately.

  4. Buyer
    mmaria says:

    Great mode and superb support!
    The instructions for installation of this mod are very detailed and done so well, that makes it very easy to install. All my questions were answered very quickly, great support! Highly recommend.

  5. Buyer
    lexon says:

    Hi, can I translate it? I’m Swedish

  6. Buyer
    manilaboy says:

    Is this functionality already included in V3?

  7. Buyer
    larissaparks says:

    How will this display now with the recent changes of the Facebook Fan Page with Cover Photo? Where would it show?

  8. Tailor
    cg says:

    Hi Scamp,

    I’m setting up the product but could use a little more clarification on steps 4 & 5:

    Step 4 – Does the logo need to be a particular size?

    Step 5 – “Add the function in function.txt to your functions.php file in your child theme”. Which function am I adding please?

    The rest I understand, I’m just stuck at those two steps.

    Look forward to your reply.


  9. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    Just copy all the code in the function.txt file into your function.php file

    My logo is 380 x 81px… I guess keep it least than 600px wide and not too high, you may have to change the css if you have a very different sized logo.


  10. Tailor
    Rockstar Ideaz says:

    Hi Scamp,

    I’m having a problem where my post custom field isn’t showing up. I keep adding it but it doesn’t show on the backend. As a result, when I enter the page id, that doesn’t show either.

    Any ideas?


  11. Buyer
    mokoriki says:

    I really like this feature and have one question. Is it possible to have listed places only make use of this feature when they are paying for their listing? Or is the feature always on or always off by default?

  12. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    Yes you can – You add a custom field for this to work – and you can set the cutom field to only show for certain packages.

  13. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    “Just copy all the code in the function.txt file into your function.php file”

    I did this and all that happens is that the entire code I post is written above my top header. No images or anything. Everything else is set properly. THanks for help!

  14. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Nope, still having issues. I emailed you about it again. Love to hear back . THANKS!

  15. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    can you please email me at your convenience as I would love to have this up and running as it seems awesome!



  16. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Hey Sara! Still hoping to hear back so I can get this finalized! Thanks!!!!

  17. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Hey Scamp…

    I can’t find your email in iCloud for some weird reason. Can you please email me so I can contact you? THANKS!



  18. Buyer
    websitu says:

    Hi Sara not having any joy getting in touch with you through support link for some reason

    Followed all the steps that you provide in your excellent documentation but just can’t get things talking to each other

    I have a screen-cast which can be viewed on a private link

  19. Buyer
    osteony says:

    “Just copy all the code in the function.txt file into your function.php file”

    I can find the function.php file but there is not function.txt file. Is this in a different file titled function.txt? Or am I copying the text in the function.php file of the GeoTheme to replace the text in the functions.php file of the child theme?

    I appreciate your clarification on this.

  20. Buyer
    krazybear says:

    Does this require https: and/or creating an app for each review tab?

  21. Buyer
    gallerysites says:

    Does this add-on still work for 2015?

  22. Buyer
    djones23 says:

    Hello i purchase this plugin and now i want the review will be comes according to the places not according to the events. can you please help me how can i review on places not on the events.
    please help me how can i make review on the listings.

  23. Buyer
    djones23 says:

    there are listing on the geo theme and all listing have diffrent facebook page then how can i review on diffrent listing ? help me in this
    the listing shows the places

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